Small Business
DUNS#: 080399899
CAGE code: 7Q9B2
NAICS codes: 541712, 541511,
541330, 541990, 541519, 541690

Scientific consulting and machine learning for defense, environmental, and space applications.

Anseres LLC is a small business focusing on scientific R&D, data science, and machine learning in the greater Seattle area. Lead scientists have 10+ years experience and PhDs in science and engineering as well as machine learning experience in commercial engineering and software industries. We deliver results requiring scientific expertise in shallow and deep water ocean acoustics, spacecraft gravity science, and geophysical inverse problems, as well as deep learning tracking/classification implementations and database platform development. We look forward to working with you to solve new problems.

Our goal is to help our customers satisfy their technical needs, including helping to clarify those needs in those cases when things aren't so straightforward. We pursue both commercial and government contracts, and collaborate with prime contractors and larger institutions. We welcome you to give us a ping at and share your own goals with which we might be able to assist you.

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